Top 5: Best Android Apps to Monitor and Improve Battery Life

posted on November 17, 2014

battery life

Cell phones have come a long way in a relative short amount of time. It was only just over seven years ago that Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone that shaped the cell phone industry to what it is today. There are countless arguments about whether or not the iPhone stole ideas from other phones, the fact remains that it changed the industry. Everything was better – except one thing – battery life. It had a touch screen that was amazing and overall functionality was better than ever, but the battery life went backward. Older phones would last days on a single charge, while todays flagships barely last a day on a full charge.

Battery life is the one area where innovation has yet to take the next steps. While we wait for a game-changer , these 5 apps will help you squeeze every last drop of juice available on your smart device.

1. DU Battery Saver (Free)

DU battery saver

BU Battery Saver & Widgets is a popular battery monitor and power saving app available in the Google Play Store. It features a very convenient control widget that you can place on your homescreen and is optimized for one touch power optimization that you can pre-define. It comes pre-loaded with smart presets to save battery life and lower power consumption, but if you want to tinker with the settings, you can save your own set of items. The app also includes a charge-state monitor and various tools for viewing app power usage. There is a paid PRO upgrade that unlocks more advanced features like automatic task killers, scheduled power saving presets and the ability to lower the CPU frequency if your phone is rooted.

2. Battery Doctor (Free)


Battery Doctor is a feature-packed battery monitor and power saving tool that lets you quickly look up your charge status, track power usage per app and allows you to toggle off power hungry apps. It also has a schedule feature that is really useful to increase battery life while the phone is dormant (like while you are at work or in meetings)

3. Carat (Free)


Carat is slightly different to the regular battery apps around. Developed as a collaboration between UC Berkley and University of Helsinki, users have to install the Carat app and then leave it open to let it track battery level, CPU usage and memory utilization. The data is sent back to the Carat team for analysis. After a week of analysis, the Carat app will give you a list of suggestions to improve battery life and another list that shows you your most power hungry apps.

4. Juice Defender (Free)

juice defender

Juice Defender is a fairly dated app (it hasn’t been updated since 2012) but is packed with endless options and is a favorite of many. The app features preset settings for battery saving, one touch power optimization, widgets and toggles for WiFi and mobile data. You can upgrade to the paid Plus and Ultimate versions for additional features like location awareness, additional power saving profiles, more in-depth controls and automation.

5. Snapdragon Battery Guru (Free)


This might be cheating, since it will only work on a device with a Snapdragon Processor, but if your device does have a Snapdragon Processor, this is definitely worth looking into. The app uses Qualcomm’s behaviour-learning and tracks which apps you use the most, which apps connects to the internet most often, how often your phone stays idle and how often you are connected to WiFi or data. Once it learns the usage pattern over a day or two, it will automatically alter refresh schedules to maximize battery life. The app also features a widget with toggles for WiFi, data, brightness levels and sync.