Tips On How To Improve Your Battery Life

posted on June 20, 2014


Battery life is a common complaint among smartphone users. So much so that carrying a spare battery around with you has become a normal facet of life. Gone are the days when your dumb-phone last all week on a single charge. Smartphones have come a long way in the last 7-8 years – they have desktop class processors, memories and amazing high resolution screens. The one thing that keeps getting worse is battery life. Most smartphones cannot do a full day without a charge – and this is just under normal use!

Hopefully, these tips and hints below will help you eek out a bit of extra juice for your device so its ready if/when you actually need it.

1. Turn off communication options

Your new Android phone comes with a host of features. Included in those features are a whole host of communication functions that draw power while your phone is idle. Things like Bluetooth, Wifi, NFC and the biggest power draw of them all – GPS.

Turning these off when not in use will give you a bit of extra battery life.

2. Adjust your screen brightness manually

Its great to have your smartphone adjust its screen for you depending on ambient light. If its dark, it will dim it down so your phone is not puncturing your eyes with its bright screen and it will reverse the effect if you are in direct sunlight – turning to maximum brightness so you dont have to squint to see that your ex just wants to be friends.

Thats great – but the constant adjusting of brightness is a major draw on your battery life. With most smartphones, their screens are good enough that you will hardly ever need 100% brightness unless in direct sunlight – even then, how often are you in direct sunlight (unless you work outdoors). Leave your phone brightness between 50-65% and see your battery last longer – you can manually turn it down if you like to use your phone in the dark (before bed, etc)

3. Get rid of unnecessary apps running in the background

There are probably a bunch of apps that are running in the background without your knowledge. They are a constant drain on power and don’t provide anything of value to be running all the time. To find these apps go to Settings > Battery to see which apps are using your battery.

You can also go to Settings > Apps and look under Running to see what apps are running in the background. If you recognize any that are not supposed to be there, just tap it and then click Force Stop.

4. Check your account sync settings

Smartphones are great because you can get all your emails, facebook, instagram, twitter and everything in between instantly. This also means that your phone is constantly syncing with these accounts so that it can give you updates right away.

If you don’t need immediate notifications (like facebook or personal emails) – you can go to Settings > Accounts and change the sync settings to 15 min intervals. This means that you might not see your friends new duck-face selfie 15 mins later, but it will save you some battery life so you can post your own later on during the day, instead of worrying about finding a power source.

5. Portable chargers or Battery cases

This might add a bit of bulk to carry around, but most portable chargers and battery cases will double, if not triple the battery life of your device. If you absolutely need connectivity when you know you won’t have power (like camping or hiking), these can be good alternatives and they are relatively inexpensive.