StoreDot will fully charge your phone in 30 seconds

posted on January 14, 2015

StoreDot charging

Israeli startup StoreDot was at CES 2015 this past week to show off its latest version of its charging technology. Started off in the nanotechnological department of Tel Aviv University, StoreDot gained public fame when it showed off its charging prototype in 2014, but the new prototype at CES 2015 is much refined and looks to be much more accessible technology now.

The charger uses nano technology in the form of biological semiconductors grafted from organic compounds to enable a charging time of just under 30 seconds. This enables the batteries to soak up a charge at a much quicker rate than regular conduction batteries.

That said, there are a few drawbacks to the StoreDot system that they are working on eradicating. Currently, the chargers require a massive 40 amps to achieve its super quick charging – this is a LOT more than your regular phone charger, which only uses about one or two amps. There is also the small fact that StoreDot’s technology is only able to charge a 900mAh battery, which is considerably smaller than the average 2,500mAh smartphone battery.

However, StoreDot as received $48 million in funding in 2014 and have set a goal to have their technology for sale by 2017. The company is also aiming to price the chargers at about double the cost of current chargers (which works out to be about $35) – which sounds very reasonable for the kind of technology you will be getting – not to mention the change in way people start using their mobile devices and wearables.