Sonicable Cuts Down The Time It Takes To Charge Your Device.

posted on February 5, 2015


Sonicable, by Bluetech Industries, is a new crowd funded charging cable that promises to cut down the time it takes to charge your mobile device. The only problem is that it has to be via a USB charging port on a PC. Bluetech says that, while they are not changing any hardware on your devices, their cable has a “Sonic” mode that can be manually enabled to charge the device faster. The cable also has a “regular” mode that is, well, just regular charging.

Basically, in regular mode, the cable will charge AND sync the device with your computer, but when switched to “Sonic” mode, the cable moves all resources to charging the device and enable faster charging. The only real problem is that it only works with a port on a computer.


Other features of the Sonicable include a reversible type-C USB connector made of aluminum. The length of cable also features a nylon body for durability and is available as an iPhone Lightening cable or a Micro-USB cable. Both variants come in at just under 4 ft in length.

You can buy/fund the Sonicable at Indigogo for $27 to get the cable. The project is already way past its $10,000 funding goal.