Samsung’s R&D Team Has Developed Next-Gen Battery Tech

posted on June 30, 2015


Samsung has been accused about stealing ideas and tech for a long time now. Every iteration of their flagship Galaxy S series is followed up by people and articles lambasting that it steals styling cues and core features from Apple’s iPhone. “Samsung cannot innovate to save their life” is a common theme in comment boards, but all those commenters might just have to eat their hat if we are to believe what Samsung’s lab rats have shown us.

Their R&D team have developed a new lithium-ion battery technology that is will make batteries last much longer than what we have currently. They have achieved this by using a silicon anode and graphene layers to increase the density and life of the battery. These updates have produced batteries that are almost 2 times the density of current batteries, theoretically almost doubling your battery life with the same size battery.

The best part is that this is achievable with current gen technology. While there have been numerous reports of next gen batteries that can get a full charge in 30 seconds, or using aluminum-ion for thinner batteries – this new tech from Samsung could very well be seen in its next Galaxy series (S7). The breakthrough would not limited to mobile devices, where electric vehicles could benefit greatly with much larger ranges on a single charge.