Android phones with the longest battery life

posted on June 20, 2014

OnePlus One

The latest crop of Android powered phones are great. Most of the new flagships run quad-core processors and some even have 2K screens with absurd levels of DPI – just look at the LG G3 and the Oppo Find 7. This is great for the consumer, you get a fast snappy phone with a gorgeous display. It does, however, come with a downside – battery life. The bigger the screen and faster the processor, the more power it needs. Battery life is the one thing that is remained stagnant during the last few years of smartphone evolution – we have never really gotten past the need to recharge your device ever night – or risk it running out of juice halfway through the next day.

Therefore, we set out to find the Android phones with the longest lasting battery life under similar circumstances. In other words, all the phones had to be doing the same thing to keep the results even. These are the conclusions we ended up with.

8. HTC One Max – 9 hrs

9. Motorola Droid Maxx – 9 hrs 30 min

6. Samsung Galaxy S5 Active – 9 hrs 40 mins

5. HTC One M8 – 10 hrs

4. Samsung Galaxy S5 – 11 hrs

3. Samsung Note 3 – 11 hrs 15 mins

2. LG G Flex – 11 hrs 30 mins

1. OnePlus One – 13 hrs 15 mins