Android Battery Cases, Charging Pods, Wireless Charging

posted on January 19, 2016


Are you looking to do more with your phone? In today’s mobile-first society, many techy entrepreneurs and mobile savvy individuals are looking to do just that. After all, our mobile phones are merely miniaturized computers at this point. With all of our technology at the palm of our hand, our mobile phone batteries need to be reliable, even if our charging cords are out of reach.

The solution is simple, innovative, and easy: a portable battery case for your phone. Let’s take a look at some examples, product features, costs, and overall benefits of using an Android battery phone case and other wireless charging methods.

The Galaxy S6 Battery Case, by Alpatronix

This Android battery case presents us with sleek and clean look to say the least. The case and build is both durable and scratch proof, excellent features for those of us with butter fingers. The ultra protective case utilizes a raised front bumper, preventing the Galaxy screen from coming into contact with any potentially damaging surfaces.

The battery itself holds well over 100% extra battery time, which in Samsung terms means, “12+ hours talk-time, 288+ hours standby time, 60+ hours audio time, 13+ hours of video and 12+ hours of 3G surfing time for Samsung Galaxy S6.” The Galaxy S6 Battery Case, by Alpatronix, can be purchased on Amazon for $34.95, with an initial list price of $89.99.

Discover your battery status by color, when you have hit green, the battery is fully charged and ready for full power usage.

PowerBear Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Battery Case

With this Android battery case, we see a different and more masculine-like style. This heavy-duty battery case comes equipped with dual charging capabilities, in addition to an easy to use power button located on the back of the case.

A unique design feature here is the ability to easily access all usual buttons on the phone. In other words, the extra bulky case does not block or cover any necessary buttons or switches. Add up to 130% of extra battery to your phone with the PowerBear battery case for the Galaxy S6. The case is currently available for purchase on Amazon for $21.95.

Uninterested in adding a new phone case to your collection, but still need the extra battery boost? Portable and wireless charging pods are also an option when it comes to cordless charging.

Wireless Charger, by Tech Matte

Small but powerful, this charging pod by speaks for itself. The wireless pod is compatible with all Qi-compatible devices and is available in colors: black, red, and white. Built-in light features allow users to see the battery charging status. Simply place your device on the pod and allow cordless charging to begin. You can buy it on Amazon.

Makers call the product, “durable, lightweight, and compact with an ultra modern design.”

Qi Wireless Charger, by GMYLE.

Sleekness to new level, for a clear visual perspective of charging pods; take a look at the Qi Wireless Charger, by GMYLE. This ultra slim charging pod gives us a real glance at the thinness of these products. The Qi Wireless Charger by GMYLE being one of the thinnest at only 0.2 inches. This wireless charger makes for the ultimate travel companion.

The Wireless Charging Pad Station, by LDesign

Add a little style to your charging station with a clear pod charging design. The wireless charger by LDesign is known for its temperature control and successful compatibility for users. The non-slip ring located in the middle of the pad prevents the phone from sliding and moving while charging.

The charging station also indicates the conclusion of charge time through flashing blue indicator lights. Important factor to note, this charging station will never over charge your phone, something that many mobile users don’t know is a bad thing.

Wireless charging, and the accessories that make it possible, are sweeping the nation and attracting the attention of mobile users everywhere. Jump on the bandwagon, ditch the wires and experience cordless, on-the-go, and easy phone charging at it’s very best.