StoreDot Moving Forward With Super Charging Battery

posted on March 4, 2015

Battery Charge

Back in January we wrote about StoreDot, an Israeli startup company, a few weeks ago. They have been making waves with their revolutionary battery, which, if it works, will be able to fully charge in less than a minute. Developed as a by-product of a research into Alzheimer’s disease, the nanotechnology department of Tel Aviv University discovered some peptide molecules could hold high capacities of electrical charges. Using it in batteries would result in high charge rates and slow drain rates.

While this new form of batteries cannot be used in current devices, StoreDot have said that they are in talks with some 15 smartphone makers and is expecting to sign on with a few of them by the end of the year. The new batteries have a massive advantage with their ability to speed recharge – the downside being that the batteries might be smaller than what we have now. This disadvantage could easily be overcome with the speed at which the battery can recharge. The batteries will also require custom components built for them and will require a special charger to be able to offer its speed charging ability.


The costs of these components and charger might push up the overall price of the smartphone by about $50, but many buyers would be more than happy to pay the extra money to get access to the proposed features.  StoreDot says that the same principle can be used with car batteries in the future, with the ability to get a 150 mile driving range with a 5-min charge, though they have yet to prove a car battery concept.