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Are you looking to do more with your phone? In today’s mobile-first society, many techy entrepreneurs and mobile savvy individuals are looking to do just that. After all, our mobile phones are merely miniaturized computers at this point. With all of our technology at the palm of our hand, our… continue reading

Samsung’s R&D Team Has Developed Next-Gen Battery Tech


Samsung has been accused about stealing ideas and tech for a long time now. Every iteration of their flagship Galaxy S series is followed up by people and articles lambasting that it steals styling cues and core features from Apple’s iPhone. “Samsung cannot innovate to save their life” is a… continue reading

Researchers Working On New Aluminium Ion Battery

aluminium battery

Today most users try to live with our lithium ions batteries, but there is not denying that the current capacity they offer is unable to meet the energy needs of devices on the market. The perfect battery still remains as elusive as an Utopian world, but many laboratories are working… continue reading

StoreDot Moving Forward With Super Charging Battery

Battery Charge

Back in January we wrote about StoreDot, an Israeli startup company, a few weeks ago. They have been making waves with their revolutionary battery, which, if it works, will be able to fully charge in less than a minute. Developed as a by-product of a research into Alzheimer’s disease, the nanotechnology… continue reading

Sonicable Cuts Down The Time It Takes To Charge Your Device.


Sonicable, by Bluetech Industries, is a new crowd funded charging cable that promises to cut down the time it takes to charge your mobile device. The only problem is that it has to be via a USB charging port on a PC. Bluetech says that, while they are not changing… continue reading