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Android Battery Saver Apps: Best of the Best

Mar 08, 12 Android Battery Saver Apps: Best of the Best

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Here are the four best battery saver apps for Android. These battery saver apps manage Android processes that could be eating away at your battery life. You should be able to get through the day on a single battery charge, and these Android apps will help you do it the best. Easy Battery Saver price: free rating: 4.5...

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Droid Razr Maxx: Superior Battery Life

Motorola has made battery life the focus of their Droid Razr Maxx phone. The phone has a huge battery–more than double the capacity of the one in Apple ‘s iPhone 4S. Phone manufacturers are just beginning to realize the extent that data use–gaming, web surfing, apps–is overtaking call time as the primary use...

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HTC Rezound: Subpar Battery Life

Mar 07, 12 HTC Rezound: Subpar Battery Life

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While the HTC Rezound is one of the top Android devices on the market in terms of design, speed and specs, the battery life on this device has tested below average. According to a review in PC magazine: After I spent 3 hours playing games, browsing the Web, and downloading apps over LTE, our fully charged test Rezound had only 30...

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Better Android Battery Life: 5 Tips

Want better battery life for your Android phone? Battery life varies from model to model, but the following 5 tips will improve your battery life no matter what Android phone you’re using. Click through to find out how you can increase the life of your battery… 1. Turn of Wi-Fi If you’re not using functions...

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